Name Institution Topic
Adrian Clark University of Essex Performance Evaluation
Robert Fisher University of Edinburgh Machine Vision Pipeline
Dima Damen University of Bristol Egocentric Vision
Marta Betcke University College London Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Sparse Measurements
Krystian Mikolajczyk Imperial College London Local Feature Descriptors
Nicola Bellotto University of Lincoln Active Vision
Nicolas Pugeault University of Exeter Cognitive Vision
Jan Koenderink Utrecht University Colour
Roy Davies Royal Holloway, University of London Low-Level Vision
Tae-Kyun Kim Imperial College London Decision Forests
Tim Cootes The University of Manchester Shape & Appearance Models
Toby Breckon Durham University Machine and Deep Learning
Xianghua Xie Swansea University Image Segmentation
William Smith University of York 3-D Vision
Graham Finlayson University of East Anglia  So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
Neill Campbell University of Bath Python & TensorFlow for Computer Vision (Lab)

Probabilistic Generative Models